Molecules of Life - Terry M. Gray & Anthony K. Rappé

Molecules of Life

Molecules of Life By Terry M. Gray & Anthony K. Rappé

  • Genre: Chemistry
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Molecules of Life with a Chemistry Bootcamp is an introduction of chemistry through the eyes of biochemistry and molecular biology. The audience is non-science college students, advanced high school students, and general readers. This text is based on the Chemistry in Context course for non-science majors at Colorado State University.
Molecules of Life focuses on chemical structure with an emphasis on physical and chemical properties related to hydrophobicity. Only a few chemical reactions are discussed. We take students from atoms to enzymes and give them chemistry principles needed as needed. Much interesting chemistry related to nutrition, health, medicine, agriculture, and energy can be taught this way. 

Molecules of Life is a companion volume to Energy: What the World Needs Now.

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