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How to Hack Like a GOD

How to Hack Like a GOD By Sparc Flow

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Book ➲ "How to Hack Like a GOD" Audiobook ➲ "How to Hack Like a GOD"

Follow me on a step-by-step hacking journey where we pwn a high-profile fashion company. From zero initial access to remotely recording board meetings, we will detail every custom script and technique used in this attack, drawn from real-life findings, to paint the most realistic picture possible. 
Whether you are a wannabe pentester dreaming about real-life hacking experiences or an experienced ethical hacker tired of countless Metasploit tutorials, you will find unique gems in this book for you to try:
•Playing with Kerberos
•Bypassing Citrix & Applocker 
•Mainframe hacking
•Fileless WMI persistence
•NoSQL injections
•Wiegand protocol
•Exfiltration techniques
•Antivirus evasion tricks
•And much more advanced hacking techniques
I have documented almost every tool and custom script used in this book. I strongly encourage you to test them out yourself and master their capabilities (and limitations) in an environment you own and control.
Hack (safely) the Planet!
(Previously published as How to Hack a Fashion Brand)

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