The Princess - Lisa Renee Jones

The Princess

The Princess By Lisa Renee Jones

  • Genre: Contemporary
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The second book in the Filthy Trilogy, more information coming soon...

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Posted Reviews

  • Book 2

    By MelissaNY666
    Wow, just wow! Lisa Renee Jones’ talented way to tell a Romance Action Pack Thriller. You must read The Ba$tard first, but it’s no hardship, and The Princess picks up a where last book finished. Please Lisa, keep them coming book 3 in 2019.
  • I need more!

    By shellyburger73
    Ugh!! I need more! You’re leaving us hanging here, Lisa!! But in a good way of course. Gets us ready for the next book! The Princess starts right where The Bastard ended, so you were no longer hanging. Lol! Harper and Eric can’t seem to stay away from each other. Even when the trust between these two is so delicate. They want to trust one another but because of the family they find it hard to see past all the lies and deceit. Fortunately, they are working through all of it together and hanging on. They love each other and they just want to start living without looking over their shoulder all the time. Looks like we are going to have to wait for the next book to find out if they can hold onto each other and come out as strong as ever!
  • The Princess will give you Hot Romance and Suspense! Elizabeth @ Carolina Chic’s Read

    By easwain
    The Princess will give you Hot Romance and Suspense! Elizabeth @ Carolina Chic’s Read The second book in this series is filled with suspense, hot lovin’ and Romance. You are going to get a taste the Walker Security men and some favorite characters. This series is crazy good and I’m enjoying it so much.
  • The Princess is more than just a princess!

    By starstacy
    You must read The Ba$tard first as this book starts out right where we left off. This middle book of this 3 book series gave me an emotional punch that had me hurting for Eric & his past, had me loving Harper’s character, had me rooting for Harper & Eric’s burgeoning relationship, had me shocked at the deepening mystery & secret that is about to be revealed in the cliffhanger ending. Can’t wait for the next book!
  • This book bleeds emotion

    By Lckybreader
    If I could give this book more stars I would. This story is so intense. We learn so much more about Eric. The complexities to this man can’t be summoned up easily. Mia is such a strong character. This book is bleeding emotion. I just devoured this book. It ends leaving my emotions in turmoil and my mind with lots of questions. The writing is just phenomenal
  • Hold on for the ride!

    By laltt
    Hold on for the ride! It’s wild, with sharp, veering turns, flips that leave you hanging, heights that are jaw-dropping, and speeds that will have you white knuckled and gasping! First, The Bastard. Now, The Princess. I honestly don’t know what end is up! The way Eric’s mind works is mystifying and amazing. She gets him. She lets him think, waiting patiently, watching and fighting for him. It’s push and pull throughout, fear and trust, fear and love. Their need is undeniable and it goes far beyond the physical. It’s this innate need of the other, to protect and support at all costs. Just when I might have a clue what’s going on, who is pulling the strings, I’m thrown another curve and left reeling! It’s not the biggest cliffhanger, but it’s like the Rubik’s cube, another turn this way and that and now I’ve got to figure out just what it means (and I’m absolutely terrible with Rubik’s cube!!). I just don’t know how I’m going to make it to the series conclusion!
  • So good!!!

    By ~Mindy Lou~
    Ever since the first book ended on that huge cliffhanger I have been anxious to get this book into my hands. I HAD to know what would happen next and no, it was not what I expected. This whole book has not been what I expected and that is why I'm loving it so much. There is so much happening and I don't know which was is up. It feels like it's Harper and Eric against the world but that's not really true. They have the Walker Brother's security on their side. They have Grayson and Mia on their side. I even think there may be some members of the Kingston family on their side but I have no clue who. I keep bouncing back and forth on that issue. I'm not more wiser after the end of this book and once again I am anxious for the next in the series. This author really knows how to dangle that carrot in front of a reader. Another awesome book in the Dirty Rich series!

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