A Sucky Love Story: Overcoming Unhappily Ever After - Brittani Louise Taylor

A Sucky Love Story: Overcoming Unhappily Ever After

A Sucky Love Story: Overcoming Unhappily Ever After By Brittani Louise Taylor

  • Genre: Family & Relationships
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Where does a moderately popular internet star who never leaves her house look for potential suitors? Online. Tinder, Bumble, Match.com, OkCupid—I tried them all. My thirty-one-year-old self clicked and swiped her little heart out, leading to more dates than I could count, and more disappointment than I was prepared for.

Maybe you can relate. Maybe you know all too well the perils of modern dating. But let’s say, eventually, you meet someone. You think to yourself, “Wow, they’re perfect! Take me off the market, put a ring on it, knock me up, the whole enchilada, because they are ‘the one.’” Let’s also say that they “feel the same way” about you. Your life starts to make sense! All the pain, heartbreak, and frustration from past failed relationships was worth it. Slow clap.

That’s how I felt about Milos. He was from Europe, a doctor, wealthy, athletic. He had an accent and a dog. Milos was textbook marriage material.

For him it was “love at first sight,” but for me, it was “anxiety on every date.”

Something was telling me to run—but for two years, the only running I did was straight into his arms.

If only I would have listened.

This isn’t a love story.

It’s my story of survival.

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Posted Reviews

  • Wow!!

    By Abbyjo727
    I wondered during the 1+ year buildup to this book release if it was truly worth the wait. Mainly wondered if it was a ploy to sell books and/or gain views on the authors Youtube channel. Boy, was I wrong! Brittani is strong to share her story and incredibly resilient. She's proven no matter how far a person can bring you down or destroy your life, there is light. Thank you for sharing your story.
  • Couldn’t put it down

    By Allysysysys
    Read it! You won’t be able to either!
  • Soulmate

    By Vine private messages
    I am blown away. This story reminded me a lot of my previous relationship. My ex did meth and lied to me. I was oblivious and believed he was my soulmate. He abused me mentally, physically, and emotionally. I recall one memory where he almost ran me over with a car. I have been single for 5 years and to this day if I see a silhouette of him I am instantly frightened. Thank you for sharing your story. We got this.
  • Wonderful and inspiring

    By Perfectt_Weap0nn
    I was absolutely glued to this book. I have subscribed to Brittany for years on YouTube and when she made all of her videos with that monster private I was curious. I was confused as to why she never shared any of this with us, but now I see why. This is just so insane and I never saw it coming. I’m so glad she took time for herself because she needed this time to heal. I am so glad she is happy and has Rex and her mom. She is such a wonderful person. Bless your heart Brittany.
  • Read like the wind

    By Mommyo2014
    I’ve been a long time fan of this author! I’ve been waiting for this book for a long time. I read the whole thing in 4 hours. I can’t believe the power behind this story. As someone who is a member of the me too movement this book spoke to me.
  • Good story, mediocre writing

    By unenthusiasticbuthappy
    Her story was incredible and fascinating. The only hangup for me was the juvenile and mediocre language and cadence. It’s a great story but it could have been written better.
  • Sadness

    By 00141600
    It’s crazy in the beginning it seems like it was just a real bad breakup, but the more you read into it, the crazier it gets till you get to a point where it doesn’t even seem real, We’re glad your family is safe and sound Brittani, 💕
  • Amazing

    By Elcee45
    Just like many others, this book had me hooked. I couldn’t put it down. I kept seeing reviews saying the ending was insane & how I thought it was going to end vs how it actually ended was completely different & everyone was right, it was insane.
  • Shocking and Unimaginable

    By cen2001
    I have been watching Brittani’s channel since directly after the video Pregnant and Engaged came out. I remember being excited for Rex’s arrival, and loving watching Milos and Britt’s relationship flourish. Little did I know what was actually happening behind the scenes. This story is something no one would expect. I’m thankful that she was strong enough to reach out before it got too far. This book was well written, and very personalized. It really felt like she was telling the story and didn’t feel too formal. I loved it.
  • Heartbreaking but eyeopening

    By M OConnor
    I watched her youtube when all of this was happening. I cant beilive what this amazingly strong woman went through to protect her child. I will always admire her strength and resilience to defeat her demon. Thank you Brittani for sharing your story to the world. You are a role model for anyone going through this.

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