Multipliers - Liz Wiseman & Greg Mckeown


Multipliers By Liz Wiseman & Greg Mckeown

  • Genre: Management & Leadership
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Wall Street Journal Bestseller

A thought-provoking, accessible, and essential exploration of why some leaders (“Diminishers”) drain capability and intelligence from their teams, while others (“Multipliers”) amplify it to produce better results. Including a foreword by Stephen R. Covey, as well the five key disciplines that turn smart leaders into genius makers, Multipliers is a must-read for everyone from first-time managers to world leaders.

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  • Multipliers

    By Capain Skeet
    This book is a fascinating read. It is full of the genuine genius principles that force reader learning/absorption without effort. The authors have done such a brilliant job in conveying their message that you feel like you too multiply the pool of genius all around you too; and more importantly, know that you have helped countless people how to process information better, and communicate with a higher level of success...

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