The Power of Now - Eckhart Tolle

The Power of Now

The Power of Now By Eckhart Tolle

  • Genre: Spirituality
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This #1 New York Times bestseller is now available in paperback. Powerful, direct, heartfelt and transformative, the words in The Power of Now can change readers’ lives.

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Posted Reviews

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  • Revaluation of life.

    By nikita bedessie
    The principals discussed in this book will move you. As well as, make you think. Gives you enough information to be insightful but not so much to become convincing.
  • Amazing Book.

    By ES1324
    This book is life-changing. I thank God I got a chance to read it.
  • Awesome

    By Don Pharaoh
    I'm definitely Empowered
  • Whaat!!?

    By Best game ever CLANS
    I thought this was the audiobook!!!???
  • The Power of The Now

    By TJpure
    This book changed my life!!!!
  • Life changing

    By Kameliyaa
  • The Power of Now

    By GOdance89
    This book was introduced to me by a friend of a friend who told me to let go of the past and stop identifying myself with the things I've done. I felt convicted and had to get this book. ENLIGHTENMENT is something we all want, I want. There was times when I was right there, but the mind took over. The book took me back to the place of stillness and reminded me to be still.
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  • Inspiration

    By @Officialklaud
    This book is such an inspiration. I truly found my inner self from reading this book and I can't thank the author enough. Thank you so much for lifting my heart and finding light on the side. I truly have cured myself from pain. You have motivated me and truly made me a better person. Thank you so much. You have inspired me to motivate others in my life and that is something I have always dreamed of doing. Thank you.

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