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Revolt! By Dick Morris & Eileen McGann

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Revolt! is a battle cry for the newly elected Republican majority from the New York Times bestselling authors of Outrage, Fleeced, Catastrophe, and 2010: Take Back America. Dick Morris and Eileen McGann offer a blueprint for rolling back the worst of the legislation passed by the Obama administration and an agenda for establishing new, conservative policies. Revolt! provides the necessary keys to economic recovery and outlines positive steps in the right direction—as well as important the measures needed to clean up Washington…and keep it clean!

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  • Do not buy! Nonsense not worth giving money for!

    By - ~~ -
    If we followed this mans free speech, just as buffalo driven by fear, run off the cliffs in droves... This would be suicide to life as we deserve and demand it to be. He would be happy to be rich while you need a specialized vehicle to travel through the rats, drugs, and violence in the streets!
  • Bull crap book

    By no shitten, its jmmy fitton
    Has to be one of the stupidest books in the world

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