Just Tori - Alicia Danielle Voss-Guillén

Just Tori

Just Tori By Alicia Danielle Voss-Guillén

  • Genre: Children's Fiction
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Meet Tori Salinas. She’s a smart, funny fifth-grade girl with loving parents, great friends, and big dreams of becoming an actress. As far as Tori is concerned, there is just one major problem in her life: she is the only girl in a family filled with annoying older brothers. Twenty-year-old Nate can’t stop bragging about himself. All seventeen-year-old Ben can talk about is his girlfriend Jaine. And thirteen-year-old Joey, with his practical jokes and nonstop teasing, just may be the worst of them all!

As if she doesn’t already have enough to worry about, Tori’s teacher assigns the class a project in which students must write what they love about their family members. Tori is horrified! How can she ever come up with anything good to say about Nate, Ben, and Joey?

But just when she feels most hopeless, she receives a very unexpected surprise…and realizes that maybe her brothers aren’t so bad, after all!

Just Tori is part of a three book series. The other two books in the series are Tori and the New Girl and Tori’s Wish.

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