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Today, every hardware device we own, from our phones to our Macs, can play audio and video. If yours is an Apple household, reliant primarily on Apple hardware, you’re in luck: Those devices most likely support a technology called AirPlay that makes sharing audio and video among devices around the house relatively simple. Let Macworld's editors show you how to set up AirPlay for your devices and for a Mac mini media server. We’ll also recommend some AirPlay speakers and walk you through the process of selecting the right video-streaming service. And if you're interested in cutting your cable, we offer some great ways to make the Apple TV work for you.

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  • thin, gray font used - hard to read

    By Joe01492
    Font used is very thin and font color is gray (not black) making it hard to read. I was surprised that ".ibooks" format does not allow either changing the font size (like .ePub) or zooming the text (like .pdf). this this is my first ".ibooks" digital book, so I will avoid them in the future. iTunes description says "Enhanced .. includes video and other interactive materials" Maybe these "Enhancements" are why Macworld does not provide this in other formats??? the "enhancements" are not much use if the book causes eye strain to read.
  • good try

    By STY41
    knowledgeable and very useful.

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