The Celibacy Project - Allie Borden

The Celibacy Project

The Celibacy Project By Allie Borden

  • Genre: Humor
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After losing her virginity at the age of 17, Allie Borden began to have a lot of sex with a variety of partners, earning her nicknames ranging from “The Female Tucker Max” to “Allie Whoreden.” Ten years later she decided it was time to take a break so she declared herself celibate for three months and blogged about the experience. Written with candor, humor and humility, the posts ended up drawing thousands of readers who followed Allie’s very raw and real journey of self-exploration and now you can too.

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Posted Reviews

  • Abstinence Can Be Hilarious

    By Betches_Luv_This
    A need for a 3 month celibate sabbatical? Obviously this girl had some entertaining stories to tell. The quick glimpse into the author's celibate exploration keeps you laughing, all while examining her relatable accounts of sex and love.
  • This book should be airdropped on every sorority in America.

    By Mr. Krugman
    The Celibacy Project is frank, funny, and surprisingly heartfelt. I wish more people could have the powers of introspection that Allie possesses. I think that everyone can take something away from this book even if your aren't a single twenty something woman. I can't wait to read her next book.

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