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Armada By Ernest Cline

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From the author of Ready Player One, a rollicking alien invasion thriller that embraces and subverts science-fiction conventions as only Ernest Cline could. 

Zack Lightman has never much cared for reality. He vastly prefers the countless science-fiction movies, books, and videogames he's spent his life consuming. And too often, he catches himself wishing that some fantastic, impossible, world-altering event could arrive to whisk him off on a grand spacefaring adventure.

So when he sees the flying saucer, he's sure his years of escapism have finally tipped over into madness.

Especially because the alien ship he's staring at is straight out of his favorite videogame, a flight simulator callled Armada--in which gamers just happen to be protecting Earth from alien invaders.

As impossible as it seems, what Zack's seeing is all too real. And it's just the first in a blur of revlations that will force him to question everything he thought he knew about Earth's history, its future, even his own life--and to play the hero for real, with humanity's life in the balance.

But even through the terror and exhilaration, he can't help thinking: Doesn't something about this scenario feel a little bit like...well...fiction?

At once reinventing and paying homage to science-fiction classics as only Ernest Cline can, Armada is a rollicking, surprising thriller, a coming-of-age adventure, and an alien invasion tale like nothing you've ever read before.

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    By TheGemKnight
    Ernest Cline is downright one of my favorite authors ever. I feel like I am the living embodiment of Zach (the main character), which makes this book a nerdy rollercoaster. I beg you to immediately buy and read this book with NO HESITATION. IT IS AWESOME. Thanks Mr. Cline for one of the best reading adventures I’ll have had till the end of time. -MTFBWY, Ernest Cline
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    By youyth
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  • Great needs a sequel

    By brianq2195
    I loved it but it needs a sequel
  • The best was yet to come!

    By ThatStratGuy
    Ernest Cline does it again in such a fantastic follow up to Ready Player One, his first novel. Armada is gripping, a different type of story set in the great beyond of our imagination. It's a much quicker read than anticipated, and a simpler story. Mankind is threatened, and a 19year old boy and the legend of his Father are all that stands between humanity and total annihilation!
  • Another Classic.

    By Aiint right
    This book is as amazing as ready player one. I cannot get enough of this author!!
  • Armada

    By Techno Bo
    I liked this book at the end of the day eh? One thing though is that it took too long to engage and hook me. too much back story upfront. I also want a huge fan of the open ended feel good storybook ending.
  • Armada fails to amass an original plot

    By Abnersnoot
    After reading "Ready Player One" I hungrily sought out another Earnest Cline novel. A quarter of the way through the story I began to realize, "Armada" was just the second novel from a best selling author and nothing more. The plot seemed uninspired, and draw out. The '80's references were overused leftovers from his first novel, and the ending is something we have all seen before, and could probably have guessed after reading half of the book. "Armada" is not a terrible story, but it is not up to the caliber of "Ready Player One".
  • Great read for gamers

    By izzyofslytherin
    I read this for my book club and, honestly, I had to force myself to finish it. I have never been good at video or computer games, so a lot of the book was just out of context for me. I liked the conspiracy stuff and the idea of a kid saving humanity and all that, but I have never been a "gamer", so the parts of the book that had all of the gamer lingo, I skimmed through. If I were a current gamer or had been in my life, I think I would have absolutely loved this book. It is well written and flowed well despite all of the stuff I skimmed.
  • Witty but way to shallow

    By The ghost of Redjive
    I loved Ready Player One and I had high hopes for Armada. While it does start with a very promising beginning (including references to actual arcade urban legends) the story and characters of Armada feel rushed and stale. Zach, the protagonist, goes through hardly any transformation from beginning to end. The secondary characters also lack any sort of depth and their relationships with Zach feel very 1-demential (especially the love interest). The worst part is the climax and ending, both of which feel happen too fast and don't quite hit home. That being said, there are still plenty of witty references to geek-culture than any gamer/fanboy/fangirl will pick up on. I found myself chuckling out loud on numerous occasions. Final thoughts: The amusing references aren't enough to salvage this stale story.
  • Raid the Arcade

    By Boomsticknecktie
    The book took a few chapters to finally get the story building intro out of the way. But once that was out of the way, it got a lot better. This one will make a better move than RPO will purely based on being easier to do. Great book and I look forward to any future books by Mr. Cline

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